Traditional Swedish folk music

"In the Swedish province of Hälsingland, traditionally houses are built stately. The old farms tried to surpass each other in many ways, but above all through the number of windows. The more windows, the more prosperous farmer."

There is a lot of Hälsingland in Draupner's music. The magnificent "polskas" are there, both the old and the new ones that Limpan, Görgen and Henning composed. It's stately, beautiful and natural at the same time. With Draupner the music and the melodies are alive. It's sentimental in the true sense of the word and atmospheric like a sunset over the river Ljusnan. The interaction between the musicans is natural and close but sensitive and curious at the same time. The violins and the guitar create timeless traditional folk music in our time, where the history from both the legendary fiddler From Olle and other musicians can be sensed.

A music as stately as the window-rich world heritage farms in Hälsingland.
In that comparison, Draupner is a whole glass porch.

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